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  • Create a Green
    and Be an Expert in Energy Utilization
  • Being well-prepared for
    the coming 5G
    in the strength of technology and product development.
  • Visualized digital
    Intelligent research and development
    Intelligent manufacturing
    Intelligent logistics
Business Unit
DPC actively participates in the development of products such as smart energy IoT and hybrid systems, and promotes the ability for system integration solutions, being well-prepared for the coming of 5G in the strength of technology and product development.
Powertrain system
and EV charging
Business Unit
It has formed core technical advantages in electric drive systems, vehicle power supplies, hydrogen fuel cell DC/DC converters, etc., and realize the full cover Electric vehicle system solution for customers.
Solar and ESS Business Unit
Whole series (Solar+DG+Battery) hybrid backup power
solution and energy storage power system from 5KW
to 1MW for Industrial and commercial applications.
IDC Business
The IDC Business Unit is mainly responsible for development planning and continuous improvement of sales capability and product development capability.
Energy Saving
Business Unit
A Perfect Solution for Industrial Fields
1. Clean Power Supply
2. Powerful and More Reliable
3. User-friendly Human-Machine Interface
4. Better Cost Efficient
5. Modular Design,Higher Power Density and Integration Level

About DPC

Beijing Dynamic Power Co., Ltd.? (DPC for shorted)? a high-tech ?and ?public ?listed ?company (code :600405) head-quartered in Fengtai Park of Zhongguancun Science Park Beijing, DPC is a world leader in high-efficiency power electronics and energy conversion.
  • 1995

    Established in 1995

  • 2004

    IPO in Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2004

  • NO.1

    The first Telecom Power Supplier from China to volume supply to Mainstream North American Telecom Operator ,Sprint .

  • 2018

    Establish subsidiary in India in 2018

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Contact Us
Dynamic Power Group
Beijing Dynamic Power Co., Ltd
Add 1: NO.8 Xinghuo Road,Science City, Fengtai District, Beijing,P.R.China
Add 2: NO.4 Hangfeng Road, Science City, Fengtai District, Beijing,P.R.China
Tel: +86-010-83682266
Email: hwyx@dpc.com.cn

Branch Office
Email: dpcindia@dpc.com.cn

Hong Kong Dynamic Power International Co., Ltd
Email: hwyx@dpc.com.cn
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